Skin Friendly Kadam Tie Dye Kit #4 Dusk

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  • Applicable on all types of fabrics except polyester.
  • For Silk, Nylon, Wool, Georgette, Chiffon- use vinegar water solution instead of Prewashing Fixative Powder for prewashing your fabric.
  • For cotton, Linen, Rayon, Denim- Use Prewashing Fixative Powder
  • Tie Dye up to 5 t-shirts. Available in 23 Tie Dye Colours, Applicable on all types of fabrics except polyester. DIY product for all ages to engage in creative and fun activities.
  • Kadam Tie Dye colours are cold water dye colors used for clothing and related accessories, home furshinings, and re-dyeing faded/damaged clothes without using hot water dye colours.
  • Indulge yourself in Dip Dyeing, Ice Dyeing, Ombre, Shibori, Sailor Strip, Crumple Tie Dye techniques and lots more!
  • 5g dye colours inside that makes 100mL colour solution. Just add water in the bottles and shake for use.

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Weight 500 g


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