Pourfect Art Resin 3:1 – 400g

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Art Resin 3:1 is our all time favorite resin to pour. It is ASTM certified – non toxic, zero bubbles and also the most versatile resin for all your coating or casting needs. It is also odorless and BPA free and is preferred by thousands of artists.

The bubble release mechanism is by far, the best available in the market. It is also optically clear and formulated with UV stabilizers and HALS. It can also be used as a food safe coating once fully cured.

Recommended for

Coating & art pouring

Shallow casting (less than 20mm) of small objects in single pour (One can pour multiple layers of 20 mm to get the desired depth). For casting needs greater than 20 mm in single pour, we suggest Thick Cast.

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Weight 1500 g


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