Pourfect Art Resin 3:1 – 4KG

4,100.00 (inc. GST)

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Best selling resin pack. The pack size makes it ideal for all resin artists – beginner or advanced.

If you are looking to pursue resin art as hobby, it is recommended to buy this resin pack.

Best in class features –

  • ASTM certified – A must check for any resin pack you buy. It ensures your safety. Pourfect’s resin systems can also be used as a food safe coating once fully cured
  • Zero bubbles – No hassle of using heat gun since our mechanism releases bubbles automatically.
  • Versatile resin system – Suitable for all your coating or casting needs.
  • Odorless and BPA free – Makes your experience of working with resin smooth.
  • Supreme gloss – It is optically clear and gives best gloss resin artworks.
  • Non-yellowing – Formulated with UV stabilizers and HALS.

Recommended for

  • Coating & art pouring

Additional information

Weight 5000 g


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