MDF Rangoli Base With Acrylic Stencil

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  • Flaunt your creativity. Fill up empty-deep spaces in mat with fillings like rangoli, pulses, flowers, or spices in this rangoli mat. Use for decoration of all events, functions, parties.
  • You can remove use dry cloth or brush to remove previous fillings and make it ready for next use and storage.
  • Keep rangoli mat on comfortable place like table. Fill it up. Then lift and place the mat at the desired space. You can keep the mat on floor, garden, table top, stairs etc.
  • Two-layered Portable mat. Wooden Eco-friendly Base. White-colored top frame with 2 mm deep space for filling up. 11.5 inch size. Sturdy. Reusable. Durable. Portable
  • We have multiple designs available. Check our store to see other listings and buy the one you like.

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