Black Cotton Canvas Board Panel for Painting 24x24inch

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  •  Canvas boards / Panels for painting are made of cotton without rinsed with any alkaline chemicals,it keeps the natural tone and the fiber flexibility of the cotton yarns with high tension strength,so brushes just glide right over them and make painting effortless.Cotton Makes the Ideal Art Surface.The entire area of canvas is firmly glued to the board.
  • **TRIPLE PRIMED GESSO : These acid-free and professional quality art canvas panels which extends the life of artwork and painting. It is not easy to crumble or crack. Sold In VALUE Packs as well
  • **HIGH-QUALITY CORE PAPER BOARDS : Board core is made of acid-free recycled paper. Every piece of board is under a strict inspection to ensure the non-existence of signs of stains, mold, wrap, and deformation. TRYING NEW SKILLS? Try out something different on our perfectly-sized canvases. They’re just the right size for you to get a feel or a new inspiration for your new brushes or try your hand at a new technique.

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